Peter Churcher

Peter Churcher – Painter

Richard Twose

Richard Twose – Painter

Marius Engstrom

Marius Engstrom – Painter

Marius Engstrom was born in 1975 in Oslo, Norway. He currently lives and works in Oslo, where he has recently relocated back to after spending a year in Seville, Spain. Engstrom had his first solo show in 2004, and started exhibiting regularly at the well established “Galleri Haaken” in Oslo in 2007.

Julian Tschollar

Julian Tschollar – painter

My international upbringing has led me to search for a visual language that has the potential to grow in a hybrid space between cultural identities and communicate across cultural differences.

Ryan Ostrowski

Ryan Ostrowski – painter

Lucy Boyle

Lucy Boyle – painter

Paulina Pluta

Paulina Pluta – painter

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore – painter

Zsombor Barakonyi

Zsombor Barakonyi – painter

In the course of the past years, I have developed a complex image creating process. At first glance, the visual world of these panel paintings invoke the ambivalent nature of the human-made world – its everyday homelike feel and its simultaneous, amazement worthy theatrical foreignness, and, through this, the world of utopias.

Konstantino Dregos

Konstantino Dregos- Painter