Future Projects

2015 (Further details and links to follow)

Tobias Klein at Canary Wharf Tower – May to December 2015
Tobias Klein at 3D Print Fair London premiering newest 3D technology

Art 15 Projects:
IPA Salon dinner on May 21st
IPA Salon dinner on May 22nd

Guy Hadden-Guest – Solo show in July 2015
Eleanor Watson – AAF Hampstead May 2015
Bartholomew Beal – Cynthia Corbett Gallery October – December 2015
Julian Tschollar Solo London October 2015 – Frieze Art Fair Exhibition
IPA Winter Group Show – November/December 2015

Project Space in SE1 London – 2015
Lucipher solo show
Edgeworth Johnstone Solo show
Ben Summers Solo Show

Kim Poor & ‘Genesis’ London Exhibition 2016 – Brazilian and Music Themed Exhibition – collaborated with group Genesis .

Tobias Klein – solo show London January / February 2016
Bartholomew Beal Solo show London – Fine Art Society
Eleanor Watson Solo Show – 2016

IPA ‘In the End we are all alone’ Griffin Gallery, London. An IPA Project at this large London Gallery March/April 2016 – curated by Rebecca Fry-Pelly & Colchin-Carter

Sample of Future Projects – Japan
Tobias Klein – solo show Japan November 2016

Sample of Future Projects – USA including NY
Announcing USA Programme and Project Space in Qtr 4 2015.
Ryan Ostrowski Solo show NY November 2015
UK Artist Group show with Fine Art Society Qtr 4 2015
Franz Klainzag Solo Show NY
Adonna Khare Solo show USA



Looking forwards to 2014

2014 I.P Arts plans will provide our Artists with even more Exhibitions and Shows for their works. We will join our 1st Art Fair. Art 14 in London.

The year will start with new shows by  –  Dorte Kloppenborg-Skrumsager, Julian Tschollar, Darren Baker, Eleanor Watson, Ryan Ostrowski, and others,


Please save the date in your calendar of Monday 23rd June 2014 for Bartholomew Beal’s Solo show in Mayfair London. Details and announcement are to follow. Currently we are have a wait list for Bartholomew’s Works, so please email us with your interest and one of our Team will be in contact for discussion.

In 2014 , we intend continuing with the same gusto the monthly average for shows throughout 2014.

During the 1st quarter of 2014 we will launch Isis Phoenix Portraits & Mural Service.


2014 – To wet your appetite, here are a few new I. P. Arts Artists: Several more are soon to be announced.

Paulina Pluta is a figurative Painter.  Please see her work * on our Website: http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/paulina-pluta/  .

Zsombor Barakonyi is a Painter from Budapest.  Please see his work * on our Website: http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/zsombor-barakonyi/ .

Peter Churcher is a Mid Career Australian Artist. Please see his work * on our Website: http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/peter-churcher/  .


Alex Wood, is a Sculptor based in London mixing materials and English Eccentricity in equal measure.  More information to be announced.

* All are also featured in the Exhibitions Section.



Isis Phoenix Arts looks forward to sharing our Exhibitions and Artworks with you all in 2014

IP Arts Office  – office@isisphoenixarts.com


TK_NewYear_image002 TK_NewYear_image003Tobias Klein – Invisible Human – 2013 – Chandelier – 3d Print nylon, and Crystal



BB_NewYearImage001Bartholomew Beal 2013 ‘Showman’ 53 x 22 cm


Snapshot of 2013

2013 was a busy year for I.P Arts.

The year commenced with Tobias Klein’s incredible “Invisible Human” Project in Washington DC, USA.  This received global media coverage and established Tobias Klein as a pioneering Artist, pushing the limits with sculpture using 3D Print and crystal-growing technology.

We ended the year with 2 Museum Exhibitions, for Tobias Klein at The Science Museum in London for the “3D Printing the Future”, and Bartholomew Beal at The Derby Museum, UK.

We exhibited on average 4 shows per month throughout the year and plan on continuing this in 2014.

Bartholomew Beal has very quickly become part of the family at I.P Arts selling out every show in 2013. Following Bartholomew’s news and further developments in 2014 will be particularly exciting.

2013 – We welcomed some new Artists to I.P. Arts :

Eleanor Watson is a figurative Painter.  Please see her work * on our Website: http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/eleanor-watson/  .

Dorte Kloppenborg-Skrumsager is a Sculptor. Please see her work on our Website: http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/dorte-kloppenborg-skrumsager/

Expanded Eye are the Famous Tattoo Artist Duo.  Please see their work * on our Website: http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/expanded-eye/ .

Darren Baker is a Photorealist Artist. Please see his work * on our Website: http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/darren-baker/  .

Julian Tschollar  is an exceptional Swiss Painter * http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/julian-tschollar/ .


Ryan Ostrowski, our Graffitti & Rock n Roll Painter based in New York * http://www.isisphoenixarts.com/project/ryan-ostrowski/ .

* Also featured in the Exhibitions Section.