Founded in 2009, IP Arts manages Artists across all mediums of Visual Arts including Painting, Sculpture,Photography, 3D Print, Collage, Portrait Service, Video, Murals, and Commissions Service.


IP Arts manages 5 Public Arts Projects and has Global experience of Projects, Artist Management, and Exhibitions. As an example , to date in 2013, IP Arts has held 2 or 3 Exhibitions monthly, and this is scheduled to continue throughout the year.


IP Arts manages Emerging Artists.  Upon signing with I.P Arts,  Emerging Artists are  provided with a platform for Solo and Group shows. Our Artists are provided with 100% Management, Agent and Gallery support & given the opportunities to showcase their work, in Galleries, Public Art Projects, and with Group Shows in both Galleries and Public Spaces.  We have expanded rapidly into Public Space Art Exhibitions over the last 4 years, and we showcase work in various styles of Galleries as a priority, as well as Members clubs, 5* hotels, and Private Dining/Events rooms.


IP Arts also invites other artists that we are aware of, but do not work with directly, to participate in our Group shows, also offering them a range of opportunities to be included in our Projects and Exhibitions.

Please email office [at] isisphoenixarts [dot] com for enquiries.


IP Arts also manages  and exhibits Mid-Career Artists from many Countries. Our customers include significant longstanding international Private Art Collections, Isis Phoenix Collection, Foundations, Museums, Private and Public Institutions, Corporate Clients (Banks, Investment Funds, Hotel, Financial Service Company Collections). IP Arts also creates, and consults on the creation of, new Collections and Foundations. IP Arts is part of IP Group  and has a sister Company that focuses on Secondary Market blue-chip Art Advisory; JCC Fine Arts specialises in Old Masters, Contemporary and Modern Art both sourcing and divesting works.

Please email office [at] isisphoenixarts [dot] com for enquiries.

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